Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis The Season to be Blingy. NEW Bling'd Out Items for Sale!!

                                                 Hi Dolls
I have gotten such a great response from my custom designed eyeshadow palettes and Makeup Brushes that I've decided to expand.
                                     I've made few new item along with some new designs.

                                       Tis The season to be Blingy.
 These are  perfect gifts for the holidays. These items can be purchased alone or together to make one Oh so Fabulous Gift Set. With every purchase of a set, 4 high quality eyeshadows will be added to your quad free of charge.
I will also now be taking orders for customized items such as cell phone case, the large eyeshadow palettes, ect.......  And If you own an item that you would like to have bling'd out I CAN DO THAT TOO.

           NOTICE: As we all know the Holiday's ( x-mas & new Year) are approaching fast. These fabulous items take time to make as well as curing time(it needs to set and dry). You will receive your item within  5-10 business days from the time it is paid for. There is no shipping on the weekends, however an order can be placed at any time.
                      If you would like to place an Order Please email me @
The method of Payment at this time is Paypal, all details of your order will be discussed at the time the order is placed.
                   Shipping methods and pricing will also be discussed at the time of placing your order.

                                                                   NEW ITEMS

Blue Zircon & Mocha Eyeliner Brush: $ 25.00

Light Siam ( Red) 
Eyeshadow Brush: $ 25.00

Multi Color Synthetic 
Eyeshadow Brush: $25.00

Light Rose/Crystal/Mocha/ Light Rose AB Neapolitan Ice Cream 
Small ( Sonya Kashuk) Eyeshadow Brush: $25.00

Blue Zircon
Large Kabuki Brush w/ Leather case

Purple Velvet
Eyeshadow Brush: $25.00

Jet Hematite
Eyeshadow Brush: $25.00

Blue Zircon
Eyeshadow Brush: $25.00
Crystal& Amethyst 
Large( Sonya Kashuk) Crease Brush

Jet Hematite & Black Diamond
Foundation Brush: $ 30.00

Light Rose, Light Rose AB,Crystal, Mocha ( Neapolitan Ice Cream)
Eyeshadow Brush: $ 25.00

Purple Velvet, Amethyst,Light Amethyst
Eyeshadow Brush: $ 25.00

Jet Hematite & Pearls
Large ( Sony Kashuk) Crease Brush: $ 25.00

Over 700 Multi Color Genuine Swrovski Crystals Used In This Set
Eco Tools Brush set: $75.00
(Brush Sets will be Upon Request & Customized to you liking)

Notice: These are just Ideas That I put together. You can create your own set.
With every set purchase, 4 high quality eyeshadows will be added to your eyeshadow quad

Each brush was customized using genuine Swarovski Crystals and high quality makeup brushes. Each stone was applied one by one with accurate precision while trying to stay true to the shapes of each item.
This is very labor intensive. I try to keep my prices affordable to everyone. I have searched for the best quality makeup brushes while trying to remain cost effective and thankfully I have been successful. 90% of the cost of each item comes from the Genuine Swarovski Crystals and the labor. Each items is adorned with no less than 200 crystals.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

For those of you who do not know I am holding a contest on my youtube channel.
 If you are interested in this fabulous contest please see the blog entry titled CONTEST and check out the video below.

Thank you again for all of your support.


                                                                           Hi Dolls
                                                                     How is Everyone?
 IT'S CONTEST TIME!!! I am sooo sooo super excited to  be hosting my first official youtube contest. This contest is open to ALL of my youtube subscribers and my blog followers. You must must must be both of the two just mentioned. These prizes are FANTABULOUS. Before I tell you what they are let me just tell you what the basis of the contest is.
 I would like for you to create a look INSPIRED by Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has an entire world that some of us may not be familiar with, well nows as good a time as any to explore her world. She has been near and dear to my hear since I was a little girl. This contest is special to me in many many ways. My subscribers have been so good to me. I have made allot of new friends along the way and I hope to make many many more. It almost brings me to tears to know that there are people out there who are really interested in hearing what I have to say or enjoy sharing my passions. Aww man just thinking about it brings me to tears. I am so grateful  to you all that i'd like to do something special for you by hosting this fabulous contest. ( sniff, soobb , sniff). I'm such a sap.
                                                         NOW LET'S GET TO THE PRIZES
                                                                    Prize Number 1
Custom Bling'd Out Eco Tool Brush set: Aprox 1,000 Genuine Swarovski crystal we used in this set.
NOTICE: This exact set may not be the one in the prize. It will be between this and a Similar set. The winner may have an option to choose if available.

Prize Number 2

Bling'd Out Hello Kitty Eyeshadow quad. The quad will come filled with 4 high quality eyeshadows.

Also Included in this Prize is a full size Hello Kitty Lip Balm and a mini Hello Kitty Nail Polish.

 So Now that you've read the rules and seen the prizes WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR. My husband and I will Judge the contest. Contest Starts Nov 28th And Ends Dec 13. The winner will be announced on Dec 14th. GOOD LUCK LADIES. I cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with.

Recap Of the rules:
1. Must Be a subscriber to my youtube channel and a follower of my blog.
2. Must be 18  or over , or get you parents permission to enter as I will need your address should you win.
Contest Detail:
Create a look inspired by and or incorporating Hello Kitty in some fashion or form. This can be a makeup look a clothing look. It can go as far as your creativity allows you to go. SKY'S THE LIMIT.
Once you have completed your look upload you video as a response to my contest announcement.
 Your video must contain MzKenyaNoelle's Hello Kitty contest.
If there are any question Please do not hesitate to ask. I have an open door policy. 


Loving Lime!!!

 If you would like see how I achieved this look please refer to my youtube channel.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Look Of the day

This Look was inspired and requested my girl Roni. HEEEEY GUUUURL. LOL
Before you Do anything make sure that you take care of your foundation ( your face). I use Dermalogica. It's the best. 
Primer: Two Faced Shadow insurance
 Eyeshadow By INGLOT: # 379, 439 & 494
Eyeliner: Gel Liner By INGLOT : # 77
Mascara By MAC: Plush Black
Under Brow Highlighter By MAC: Lightful
Hysteric By Sugarpill was used over top of the colors above.

Lipstick By INGLOT: #65 
Lip Liner By MAC cosmetic: Magenta & Cork
Lip Tar By Occ: Katrina
Foundation By INGLOT: 200 D.W
Concealer By MAC: Color corrector in Light Peach & Burnt Coral
Powder By Smashbox: Halo To go in Dark
Blush By MAC: Breath Of Plum
Highlighter By MAC: Lightful

                                    My Custom Designed eyeshadow Palettes and Brushes.
                                            If you haven't check them out on the blog sale. 
                                                    WHACHA WAITING FOR?
                                               Every girl should have a little sparkle in their lives.   

                        Disclaimer:  I  am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. 
                                                  *Except for the custom designed items*.
 I purchased every single item with my own money. I am just a huge fan of these lines, a confessed shopaholic and a lover of all things pretty , fabulous and oh so Divalicious. 

                                                             HAVE  BLESED DAY.
                                                      Be good to everyone you meet. 
                     You never know, that person may very well turn out to be a really great friend .


New Frienships

Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know when your gonna meet someone who will become a great lifelong friend. I speak these words from the heart and from personal experience. I've made a few new friends,  I've only  known them  for a few weeks.We all connected on youtube and now I feel like i've known them forever.  I have a select group  of great friends that I love dearly. Although I love meeting new people and chatting about life and everything in between, I'm really selective with who I let into my life. I don't like change. I meet people all the time and I don't come across people that I have an INSTANT connection with. And with all the looney tunes in this world meeting people on line was  the furthest thing from my mind ( i'm such a scary  person. But  our friendships were instant. We didn't know each other from  cans of paint. We are all members and subscribers to  each others  youtube channels and just reached out to each other. They are such a awesome woman. I have no doubt that we are all going to be great friends for years to come. I have somewhat of an open door policy and I am very easy to get along with. I try to make everyone feel comfortable and special. I live by the simple motto of treating people the way that I want to be treated. It's worked thus far ,Why change now? No Need to name drop. Y'all know who ya are. My shopanistas, fellow shopaholics, shoe lovers , and Designer Handbag Connoisseurs.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 They are finally here. The long awaited Customized Eyeshadow Compacts and Custom Makeup Brushes. I am finally open for business. YAAAAAY!!!! I am so excited!! I hope You all are as excited as I am. Each and every one of these items was made with tender loving care. I take the upmost pride in my work. I hope that you guys will enjoy having them just as much as I have enjoyed making them.  Bellow will be a list if the items that I currently have in stock.  If an Item has been sold it will read sold next to it, but I will leave the picture up in case anyone wants to order that item in the future. Although the items listed are already made you can custom design your compact to your liking. Pricing is slightly different from the pre-made item and the custom made items. I have a habit of rambling on and on sooooo with all that being said HERE THEY ARE.  See ordering instructions bellow. HAPPY SHOPPING.

Genuine Swarovski Crystals were used. Each Stone was laid in place one by one.

These are just a few of the colors to choose from.



Before Customization!
 Anything can be customized. if there is an Item in Particular that you would like Pimp'd (lol) or Bling'd out Please let me know. YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. ( within reason of course).


You will have the choice of either filling your quad or purchasing it empty. If you choose, your quad will contain 4 eyeshadows by  FLIRT. There will be an extra cost of 10.00 for the four eyeshadows. The eyeshadows will be randomly selected. They are all brand new never used nor swatch'd. I purchased these eyeshadows for this exact reason. I am trying to give you guys good quality products that you can trust, and at the same time keep them cost effective.
You will al so have the choice of adding charms to your quad. You can add as many as you would like. The charms are an extra charge ranging from $2.00 to 10.00.  There are many to choose from: Tiffany & co., Chanel. Hello Kitty, Hearts, Silver Pearls, lack pearls White Pearls. The total cost of your items will depend on the extra items that you choose to add. Each  palette has (aprox) 500 (ss12 & ss09) crystals and the Brushes have anywhere from 200 to 300 (ss12 & ss09) crystals. All laid with love and precision.
FYI: The Lg Powder  and small Foundation Brushes are Synthetic. These are for all of my ladies who may have an allergy to animal hair. However the eyeshadow brushes are natural Hair. If there are any ladies who do have allergies to the Natural Hair Brushes I can also get synthetic eyeshadow brushes.


SPECIAL EDITION 24KT Gold Plated Swarovski Elements: $45.00

Heliotrope: $ 35.00
Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly: $45.00
Satin flower & Pearls/ Jet Hematite : $45.00

Satin Flower/ Crystal : $ 35.00

Hello Kitty Lt Rose: $45.00

Hello Kitty Blue Zircon :$ 45.00

Ed Hardy Skull Purple Velvet : $ 45.00

Ed Hardy Tiger Lt Siam : $ 45.00

Diva Lt Rose/ Blue Zircon : $ 40.00

Chanel & Roses / Lt Rose : $ 50.00
These are Authentic Chanel Charms.

Lips/Lipsticks & Blk Pearls/ Crystal : $45.00

Lg Powder Brush Lt Saphire & Lt Rose : $35.00

Lg Powder Brush Crystal & Lt Rose (ss16): $35.00

Lg Powder Brush , Vitrail Light: $35.00

SPECIAL EDITION 24KT Gold Plated Swarovski Crystals: $ 45.00

Small Foundation Brush, Lt Siam :$25.00

Small Eyeshadow Brush Lt Rose/ Crystal: $25.00

Lg Powder Brush/ Jet Hematite: $35.00

Small Eyeshadow Brush/ Blue Zircon, Crystal: $25.00

Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush/ Lt Rose: $25.00

Lg Powder Brush/ Purple Velvet: $35.00

Blue Zircon ( Teal) : $ 35.00
Have you Brush Personalized by adding your name.

Personalized Large Powder Brush: $ 50.00
                                              All Brushes Come in a protective plastic pouch.

All Eyeshadow Quads Come in a cute Pink Linen Pouch

Other items that have been customized.

MY MASTERPIECE: A self Portrait of myself.
2,300 Swarovski Crystals of various sizes were used.
Each stone was laid one by one. This Piece was very labor intensive.
It was the most challenging and the most fun to do.

 To purchase please email me with the item(s) of your choice.
The buyer will be responsible for the shipping cost which will be discussed at the time of purchase. 
I am only accepting paypal at this time. I believe it is the safest way to purchase anything on line.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask at the time or placing your order. If there is something that you would like and you do not see it listed please just ask. 
Please stay tuned to my blog for many more sales to come, if you have not already please go and check out my Designer Handbag sale.