Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am just going to stick with the basics

 I am giving up on this Domain thing. I have tried several times to purchase a custom domain and each time the basically stole my money. It first read that my blog was in transition, then it read blog could not be found. Funny thing is before I purchased a custom Domain My blog was working fine. Sooo I had to create another blog. This is the third and last one. When And If I am ready I will just pay someone to create a web site for me. For now Blog spot will be my home. So lets get down to business shall we. LOL. I am in the process of loading and pricing out all the goodies that I m going to be selling. I will have everything on here from  shoes to designer handbags, to makeup to jewelry. I am a confessed shopaholic in desperate need of fall cleaning.  I am going to need allot of help. ANY VOLUNTEERS?

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