Sunday, November 28, 2010


                                                                           Hi Dolls
                                                                     How is Everyone?
 IT'S CONTEST TIME!!! I am sooo sooo super excited to  be hosting my first official youtube contest. This contest is open to ALL of my youtube subscribers and my blog followers. You must must must be both of the two just mentioned. These prizes are FANTABULOUS. Before I tell you what they are let me just tell you what the basis of the contest is.
 I would like for you to create a look INSPIRED by Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has an entire world that some of us may not be familiar with, well nows as good a time as any to explore her world. She has been near and dear to my hear since I was a little girl. This contest is special to me in many many ways. My subscribers have been so good to me. I have made allot of new friends along the way and I hope to make many many more. It almost brings me to tears to know that there are people out there who are really interested in hearing what I have to say or enjoy sharing my passions. Aww man just thinking about it brings me to tears. I am so grateful  to you all that i'd like to do something special for you by hosting this fabulous contest. ( sniff, soobb , sniff). I'm such a sap.
                                                         NOW LET'S GET TO THE PRIZES
                                                                    Prize Number 1
Custom Bling'd Out Eco Tool Brush set: Aprox 1,000 Genuine Swarovski crystal we used in this set.
NOTICE: This exact set may not be the one in the prize. It will be between this and a Similar set. The winner may have an option to choose if available.

Prize Number 2

Bling'd Out Hello Kitty Eyeshadow quad. The quad will come filled with 4 high quality eyeshadows.

Also Included in this Prize is a full size Hello Kitty Lip Balm and a mini Hello Kitty Nail Polish.

 So Now that you've read the rules and seen the prizes WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR. My husband and I will Judge the contest. Contest Starts Nov 28th And Ends Dec 13. The winner will be announced on Dec 14th. GOOD LUCK LADIES. I cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with.

Recap Of the rules:
1. Must Be a subscriber to my youtube channel and a follower of my blog.
2. Must be 18  or over , or get you parents permission to enter as I will need your address should you win.
Contest Detail:
Create a look inspired by and or incorporating Hello Kitty in some fashion or form. This can be a makeup look a clothing look. It can go as far as your creativity allows you to go. SKY'S THE LIMIT.
Once you have completed your look upload you video as a response to my contest announcement.
 Your video must contain MzKenyaNoelle's Hello Kitty contest.
If there are any question Please do not hesitate to ask. I have an open door policy. 


Loving Lime!!!

 If you would like see how I achieved this look please refer to my youtube channel.


  1. I subscribed to the posts using my yahoo is that the same as subing to the blog? I am so confused LOL my username on yt is brownsugah305 and my sub is under brownsugahloves beauty. Thank you.

  2. I'm following you (:
    I subbed to your yt channel
    I am so fudginn' excited!
    You are so awesome hooray for HELLO KITTY")

  3. love hello kitty as well i try to force her on my daughter even though she loves